What is LeadBlower?

In essence, LeadBlower is a lead recycling service built to help business owners recuperate their marking costs.

Please view ou r video for a more comprehensive overview of what we do.

How It Works

How does LeadBlower work? How will it help your business? Watch our introductory explainer video for a quick and effective summary of what we do and how we can help reduce your marketing costs.

What Important Features?
How can I share my ideas for LeadBlower?

Have a suggestion or feedback? We would love to hear from you! If you are logged in, you can find a “Website Feedback” link in the top menu navigation bar, as well as various “Give us your feedback” links throughout the LeadBlower application. To make it simpler for the user, we automatically log your username and the page you are on, so you can just let us know your thoughts and we will investigate. If you are not logged in, please simply send us an email at feedback@LeadBlower.com Thanks!

How much does LeadBlower cost?

Because we created LeadBlower with a goal of helping the business owner, there are no costs to the business owner. LeadBlower is absolutely free, and has no sign up or subscription fees.

What are Free Drops?

A Free Drop is a lead that is dropped and sold in which LeadBlower takes no service fee. Free Drops are credited to the user based on either an initial sign up or a confirmed referral. Upon sign up every user gets five Free Drops to try out the LeadBlower service, and they get one Free Drop per confirmed referral.

What is a confirmed referral?

A confirmed referral is a referral that joins LeadBlower and either successfully sells a lead or purchases a lead. As soon as either action is completed, both the referring LeadBlower user and the new referred LeadBlower member are credited with one Free Drop.

What service fee does LeadBlower take?

We want to be completely transparent with our users. Therefore, we fully disclose our fees and fee structure below. The two types of example scenarios are as follows:

    Ex. A Lead is dropped and sold for $10.00 USD.
1. User has Free Drops available
  • Service Fee (0%): $0.00 USD
  • User Receives: $10.00 USD
  • 2. User does not have Free Drops available
  • Service Fee (15%): $1.50 USD
  • User Receives: $8.50 USD
  • What timeframe do I have to open and view a lead?

    Leads are usually best at the very moment they are dropped. This means that if you purchase a lead, your best bet is to view the lead and contact them immediately to secure your new client. LeadBlower has found that after two days, a potential lead has usually reached out to other business owners to find what they were looking for. Therefore, to qualify for LeadBlower’s Lead Quality Guarantee, you must view the lead within two days of purchasing the lead.

    What is LeadBlower's Lead Quality Guarantee?

    LeadBlower prides itself in guaranteeing that the user has a risk-free quality experience when utilizing our LeadBlower service. Although, the majority of the leads should be high quality leads, we are constantly monitoring for any fraudulent leads. After purchasing a lead, if the lead seems questionable, simply report it by clicking on the “Report This Lead” link to the right of the Lead View page. After investigating your concerns, we will refund your purchase price if indicated.

    What is Autofill?

    With a goal to save the business owner's time, we created Autofill. Autofill is a simple time-saving method for lead information input. If you consistently get lead information in a repeatable manner, similar to the following email:

    All you have to do is edit your Lead Autofill Settings once. Then, copy the text from inside the red box and paste it into LeadBlower Autofill. LeadBlower will automatically fill in all the necessary fields. No more manual input!

    What is Autodrop?

    After you have finished with Autofill, the next step is Autodrop. Once you have received an email with a lead that you would like to drop, simply forward the lead to autodrop@LeadBlower.com. In the message subject, include: • “PRICE” you want to drop the lead for • The word "PRI" to drop only to your PRIvately connected companies or the word "ALL" to drop to ALL LeadBlower users that meet the lead’s criteria For example, an email message subject reading [25 pri] would cause LeadBlower to drop the lead for $25.00 USD to only your PRIvately connected companies. Similarly, an email message subject reading [25 all] would cause LeadBlower to drop the lead for $25.00 USD to ALL LeadBlower users that match the lead’s criteria. LeadBlower will detect that this message came from your registered email address, and automatically drop the lead for the price you set on your behalf. It happens automatically - like magic!

    What are Lead Notification Settings?

    With the goal to give the user complete flexibility over which new leads will trigger a notification, LeadBlower has a built-in Lead Notification Setting Filter Page. For example, if you would like to be notified of a lead even if a phone number has not been provided, you can make this happen. Or, if you only want to receive leads that meet all/some of your criteria, you can set these setting filters to notify you accordingly. You are in total control of the type of lead you get notified about

    What is LeadBlower’s referral program and how do I use it?

    For every confirmed referral that sells or buys a lead, you and your referral both receive one Free Drop. LeadBlower has made it easy for you to refer your friends. Simply go to your Company Logo menu on the right of the navigation bar, and select the “Tell Friends” link from the pull down menu. You are given several options on how to share LeadBlower with your colleagues, such as, Gmail contacts, direct emails, blog post links, Facebook, or Twitter. As more businesses join LeadBlower, greater number of leads will be available.

    How do I edit my company profile?

    Simply go to your Company Logo menu on the right of the navigation bar, and select the “Company Profile” link from the pull down menu. Underneath the Company Profile page heading, select the “Edit Company Profile” link. Click on that link and you are on your way.

    How do I edit my account settings?

    When logged in, simply go to your Company Logo menu on the right of the navigation bar, and select the “Account Settings” link from the pull down menu. On the right of the Account Settings page, select the “Edit Account Settings” link. Click on that link and you are on your way.

    How do I confirm my phone number?

    When logged in, simply go to your Company Logo menu on the right of the navigation bar, and select the “Account Settings” link from the pull down menu. Find the “Phone Number” field and click on the “Verify Now” link and follow the prompts. A text message with a verification code will be sent to your phone number. After you enter the correct verification code, your phone number will be confirmed. As new leads become available, you will receive future text messages on your phone.

    How do I find other companies to connect with?

    LeadBlower’s platform facilitates users connecting with each other. In the navigation bar when logged in, select the “Your Connected Companies” link. From the pull down menu, select the “Find Companies”link. You will be presented with a wide variety of searching options for finding companies to connect with.

    What is the “Only my connected companies” option when dropping a lead?

    “Only my connected companies” option was born with the idea to protect and uphold your company’s reputation. If someone was to reach out to you and you decided to drop their lead, then you are given the option to check off that the lead only be dropped to your ‘connected companies’. In other words, you have full control over which companies will be able to see and possibly purchase the lead that you just dropped. If you leave this option unchecked, the lead will be dropped to ALL LeadBlower users that meet the lead’s criteria.

    Where is LeadBlower currently operating?

    At present, LeadBlower is operating in the New Delhi, India. However, we are anticipating a logarithmic expansion in the very near future. In order to do so, we need to know your needs and location (in other words, we need to know your industry, city, state and country). Based on the number of appeals for a specific commerce and given area, we will change our expansion course and focus on supporting those wishes. The more demands that we get to expand business into your area, the more likely that we will branch out and reach your trade and region first. Please let us know.

    What industries is LeadBlower currently servicing?

    Currently, LeadBlower is open to any businesses that need our services. We do not target any specific market. Instead, the commercial needs and locations dictate which area to address and concentrate in. For example, recently Vending Machine owners in the United States are requesting our support. So, part of our application has been tailored to meet their demands. Since our goal is to service different commerce world wide, we plan on expanding rapidly into these other markets. In order to do, we need your input (we need the names of your industry, city, county, state, and country). As the number of requests increase for a given corporation and location, we may alter our expansion mode to satisfy these new custom demands. The more requests that we get to expand your type of industry, the higher the likelihood that we will branch out to your area and reach you sooner. Please let us know.

    How is my privacy treated?

    At LeadBlower we respect your privacy 100% and have strict privacy policy guidelines outlined in the User Privacy Notice. Click here.

    Is my information secure when I use LeadBlower?

    LeadBlower highly values your security information. Therefore, the LeadBlower applicaton has imbedded several layers of protection (Secure Socket Layer [SSL)] Certificate, Web Application Firewall [WAF], 24/7/365 virus scanning). Please view our [SiteLock Trust Seal Here].

    How do I contact LeadBlower if I have questions or concerns?

    At LeadBlower we are here for you 24/7/365. you can email us at support@LeadBlower.com